Crypto Exchange

Crypto Exchange is an app concept designed for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who like to manage and follow their portfolio with a sleek and modern user interface.


Overview screen showing all the cryptocurrencies that a user may follow, track, and add to their portfolio. The scrollable table can be sorted and filtered to find the right currencies the user may be looking for.

Portfolio Details

The portfolio details screen is an interactive way to see which currencies are doing well and which ones are not. The user gets a bird's eye view of their finances in a single screen with ways to dig deeper within different cryptos.


The exchange feature allows users to see real-time data on the current prices and open and closed orders common on many exchange apps.

Price Charts

The price charts allow users to see the price detail, history charts, market cap information, and other details which will help users to make a decision on whether to buy or sell the crypto coins/tokens.

Crypto Exchange App

As an avid blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast, I wanted to design an exchange experience designed and optimized for hardcore crypto users. The app will allow users to see crypto prices, news, and other important details about their portfolio in a single app.

ClientPersonal ProjectServicesUX/UI LeadPlatformiOSYear2017ToolsSketch, Framer

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