Football XO | App Concept

Football XO is an NFL app concept created for hardcore football fans who want to follow their favorite teams and players in a socially engaging football specific community. The concepts explored rich social functionality intertwined with gaming mechanics to drive user engagement.

Dynamic User Interface

The experience begins by allowing the user to choose their favorite football team. Once a team is chosen, the user interface colors change to match the official primary and secondary team colors. In other words, the app has 32 UI's for each NFL team. In this case, the Cleveland Browns have been selected thus the brown and orange color scheme becomes the primary colors.

User Profile

The user profile allows die-hard football fans to create a social presence and show their team allegiance and connect with other fans in the football community.

Social Feed

A football-specific social feed is where users will be able to comment and discuss football with their friends and other football fans from all over the world. It's a place where users can comment live during a game or chat and talk trash afterwards.

Live Scores

A mobile optimized scoreboard will allow users to get a glimpse of every game as it's happening live. Fans will be able to view scores, remaining time, possession, and other game situations from a single view.

Rich Data

Football fans nowadays are very sophisticated in how they analyze and study players due to the popularity of fantasy football. Football XO uses rich statistical data for team and player stats to provide better fantasy football insight.

Player Cards

As part of the gaming mechanics, Football XO will allow users to earn football player cards to add to their personal collection. These cards can be utilized as a way to reward engagement and provide delight in strategic parts of the experience.

Navigation Menu

The dashboard concept uses a full-screen navigation model to allow users a bird's eye view to their account and a quick way to navigate to different sections of the app.

Live Game Chat

Football XO provides a unique component which provides live game data combined with a chat module to allow users to follow the game and comment, as the plays happen in real time.

Football iOS App

As an avid football fan, I wanted to re-imagine the NFL football experience designed and optimized for mobile. This app would largely appeal to die-hard football fans who religiously follow their teams and engage with other fans of similar interests.

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