The Characters

In order to drive engagement with kids, we crafted a story and hired an illustrator to help bring the characters to life. I led the UI and Art Direction for all the illustrations and characters within the app. The characters guided kids and short animations helped convey the overall story.

Tag | The Friendly Alien

Tag is a friendly alien monster who is fuzzy, and squishy. He has really short legs and a tail that he uses to grab things with. All his expressions are very extreme. When he smiles, if takes over most of his face. When he’s surprised, his eyes nearly pop out of his forehead. When he has a brilliant idea, his tail starts moving left and right really fast.

Hash | The Companion Robot

Hash is Tag’s trusty companion. He doesn’t talk with words, but he is expressive – and communicates with his screen, antennas and body movement. He makes sure that Tag doesn’t get into really BIG trouble – and watches out for him. Hash is approachable, and adaptable – he loves to make people and Tag happy.

The Treehouse

The treehouse serves as the home when each app session begins. The app has a night and day mode which changes based on the time of day. Inside the treehouse is where kids interact with Tag & Hash. As they complete their tasks, they earn toys inside their treehouse.


Inside Treehouse | Empty


Inside Treehouse | Full

Onboarding Animation

Before I worked on creating the animation in After Effects, we wrote a script for a professional voiceover specialist. I used the recorded voiceover as the foundation to sketch out storyboards and plan out scenes, compositions, and transitions.  


I worked with another UX Designer and User Researcher to come up with an overall user experience strategy, we identified key learning and  success metrics, and we executed  on a design and development plan based on quick iterations from user feedback.

Money Smart

While working on the R&D User Experience team at Intuit, we explored an opportunity to design and build a finance teaching app for kids called Money Smart. The app is part a utility app to keep track of chores and another part a game for kids between the ages of 4-7.

The project lasted about 6 months which included research, design, and development. I was the lead visual designer on the project and I worked closely with an illustrator to come up with the original characters and the set design for the app.

ClientIntuitServicesUX/UI | Art DirectionTeam1 IllustratorPlatformiOS and AndroidYear2011ToolsPhotoshop, Illustrator, After Effects,

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