Gift Cards for Business

During 2015, Gyft launched a new B2B gift card web-app for businesses which buy gift cards in bulk for their employees as incentives or rewards programs. The application was optimized for group purchasing, user management, bulk send features, and order tracking capabilities.

Gyft Bulk Tool Features


A business user is able to upload a spreadsheet or manually enter email addresses.


Users will be able to personalize their email message and preview the changes before they send out an order.


After sending the eGift cards, users can then track to see which cards were redeemed and which weren't.

Gyft | B2B Bulk Tool

Led the UX/UI design for the B2B Gyft web app. Worked closely with the Product Manager and the Web Dev team to launch a successful MVP version of the web app in early 2015.

We initially had a soft launch with a small subset of users to gather feedback and improve the product. By the end of 2015 the product had generated well over $100 million in revenue.

ClientGyftServicesUX/UI LeadTeam2 Engineers - 1 Product ManagerPlatformWeb AppYear2015ToolsSketch, Illustrator,

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