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The Time Travel App concept was designed and delivered to Google as part of a design exercise for a job interview. I worked on the project independently over the course of a week conducting ad hoc user research, sketching, wireframing, and delivering final visuals.

Demonstrate how you can apply a common visual language for a NASA time travel app, which consists of a UI that identifies where in time you are, where in time you want to go, and an affordance to initiate time travel.

First deliver a low-fidelity overview of your proposed UX with sketches, thoughts, and ideas. Next, deliver a high-fidelity mock-ups for both an iOS phone and an Android tablet that are on brand, while also being considerate of native platform design guidelines.



Logo History
Brand Guidelines
Mission Statement



Audit Space Apps
Explore Imagery
Design Inspiration



Defining the User
Define Design Principles



Sketches & Notes
Visual Design Mocks

NASA Mission Statement

Created a word cloud based on the key terms from the official NASA mission statement. The statement brings about clarity and focus in understanding the core values of the brand, and it can assist in defining design principles later in the design process.

Defining the User

Although 7-40 is a broad range it does help define the core audience. Users in this age range most likely are accustomed to mobile devices, and may have a higher capacity to handle complex streams of data. The users may also have a higher degree of social media awareness and activity.

Design Principles


Since the app is based on time travel, the UI should convey an experience from the future both in terms of interactions and visuals.

NASA Branded

NASA style guidelines should be used as a starting point for all colors and typography to remain consistent with NASA branding.


UI containers, gauges, and some controllers should take an aeronautical appearance to mimic the look and feel of a space shuttle.

Platform Specific

Since the app is for iOS and Android, careful consideration is needed to make sure the designs work with both platforms.

Design Deliverables

Time Travel App

The Time Travel conceptual project was completed in one week to demonstrate brand awareness, design thinking, process, and design execution for both a UX and UI perspective. Unfortunately the project didn’t land me the job at Google, but it did make in to my portfolio 🙂

ClientGoogleServicesUX/UI LeadPlatformiOS and AndroidYear2013ToolsPhotoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

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