Concept App for the iPad

Design an experience that presents job opportunities to a passive candidate, who is not actively looking for a new position. Find creative solutions that gains the passive candidate’s interest in a new position, and garners a response.

Mental Model

The LinkedIn connections model places the user at the center of the universe, surrounded by peers and common connections. The Discovery concept app utilizes the same principles, but instead applies the same mechanics to the user’s current role, career, or job type as the center of the universe.

Connections Model

Career Connections

LinkedIn | Career Discovery

This project was part of the job interview process with LinkedIn for which I had one week to execute on the designs and prepare a presentation for a portfolio review. The interview was a success and I eventually landed the role of design manager on the LinkedIn Payments team.

ClientLinkedInServicesUX/UI LeadPlatformiOSYear2013ToolsPhotoshop, Invision

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