Digital Wallet

As part of the R&D team at Intuit, we looked at experimenting with technologies 3-5 years in the future. This project encompassed the forward thinking of payment technologies and experiences for consumers and small business owners. I led the UX/UI design with a team of researchers and software engineers to develop hi-fidelity mobile prototypes for user testing and research.

Android UI

Wallet UI Customization

A wallet is a very personal and intimate item for many people. Users could choose wallet styles from a set of presets or upload their own custom image. The personalization will give the users a stronger sense of connection to their digital wallet.

Wallet Interaction Animation

We wanted to instill confidence to users with quick and intuitive animations and transitions throughout the experience.

In this examples, the card coming out of the wallet has a snap-back animation to hide the sensitive information behind the card pouch. This allows the user to quickly check their account balance without having to worry about someone nearby viewing their personal information. Once the card pull reaches a certain threshold it pulls open to view the detailed information.

Mobile Wallet Concept

Led the UX/UI Design on the Intuit R&D team for a consumer and small business mobile product.
The 6 month experimental project consisted of research, design, and development used for research and learning purposes.

ClientIntuit R&D TeamServicesUX/UI Design LeadTeam2 Researchers and 3 EngineersPlatformiOS | AndroidYear2011ToolsPhotoshop, After Effects

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